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Chairman’s Message


      Faith, Hope and Charity change the Complex World of Conflicts


The NGO is a complex entity. It must balance its freedom and independence against the power to act that comes with large government or private donations/funds and balance the need to cooperate with others, operationally against the urge to compete for funds and media exposure.

Faith, hope and charity are changing in today’s complex world of conflicts, which have brought a crisis of confidence. The battle for funds media profile and market share appears un-stoppable but humanitarian assistance is not that simple. It is a continuing process, it is ethically based life and death decisions require agreed standards. Destitute Welfare Trust service to the nation has progressed in all the relevant projects which could be beneficial to the society at large and is presently in forefront to achieve its long-term targets.


Secretary’s Message


Social service should be a matter of concern to everybody.


“Service to mankind is our business”. We have been striving hard to help those who are below the poverty line for which the Destitute Welfare Trust is engaged in projects of children, women and youth empowerment,    self-employment oriented training programmes, values in education, basic literacy and health.

In near future the Trust is looking to meet the immediate needs of the society. The DWT intends to work in the field of Old Age Home and e-commerce for Handicraft Artisans in which we are specialised and stakeholders too. I hope to get a great response from the Government and the Private sector in both qualitative and quantitative aspects.

CEO’s Message


Develop Digital Ecosystem among Individuals


In the recent initiative of Government of India to make “Digital India” gives us the four key elements of the digital ecosystem: Global-commerce; Government, Business and the Individuals. It ensures access for business and individuals and represents India’s interest on the global commons.

The Destitute Welfare Trust has been working in digital ecosystem for the 13 years. As the Government of India provides the regulatory framework to help develop the digital ecosystem, ensures that it benefits the young generation. It will be Trust’s concerted efforts to make “Digital India” a success by capacity building in IT/ITEs.


Director’s Message


                        Kaushal Bharat and Kushal Bharat with 3S


The development of youth activities is a matter of great concern for the reason the Destitute Welfare Trust has been working with a concerted campaign in the direction of skill development for self-employment. The recent launch of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) has given a roadmap to the young generation to make “Kaushal Bharat” and  “Kushal Bharat” with 3S, that is Skill, Standard, and Speed. The announcement of the National Policy for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship 2015 by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji on 15 July 2015 that leads us to “Sabke Saath, Sabka Vikas” kindled new hopes and aspirations. We hope the Destitute Welfare Trust will contribute to these aspirations of the country.